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Agri Aware’s Farm and Countryside Safety Drama “Once Upon A Farm…”

We are delighted to announce that our Farm and Countryside Safety Drama “Once Upon A Farm…” is now live

Agri Aware, the independent Irish agri-food educational body is sending all primary schools in the Republic of Ireland a copy of their new farm and countryside safety DVD entitled ‘Once upon a farm…’.

Supported by FBD, the IFA and ESB Networks, this seven-minute film is being sent to the 3,300 primary schools across Ireland to assist teachers in educating their students about the importance of farm and countryside safety.

Agri Aware's Chief Executive, Dr. Vanessa Woods, added, “Agri Aware is hugely committed to promoting and communicating the importance of farm safety to the general public of all ages. For this particular project, we have worked closely with our founding patrons, FBD and IFA, in addition to ESB Networks, in delivering this engaging farm safety film. ‘Once upon a farm…’ will educate students about the potential dangers associated with farms and the countryside, reminding them that the farm is not a playground. Our seven-minute drama tells a story which will engage students in a most memorable way and they will take these key safety messages with them for life and into their homes. The more people that watch this video, the more lives we can save.”

Agri Aware's Chairman, Mr. Richard Moeran explained, “Preventing farm accidents is about introducing awareness to all individuals who visit, or work on our farms. That message of safety awareness is especially important for children and the launch of this video is part of a national strategy to help prevent future tragedies.”

As part of Farm Safety Fortnight, which runs from 11-25 April, Agri Aware is encouraging teachers to play this important farm safety film, which is aimed directly at primary level students, from both rural and urban areas.

Please take a moment to fill out our Farm Safety feedback questionnaire here

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Vanessa Woods CEO, Agri Aware, delivering the first copy of the farm and countryside safety DVD 'Once Upon a Farm' to seven year old pupils Megan Walsh, Erin O Brien, Roisin O Carroll and Grainne Aboula at Scoil Mhuire Girls National School, Lucan.