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Farm Safety

2016: Agri Aware's Farm Safety DVD - Once Upon A Farm...

Agri Aware has produced a child safety drama, aimed at communicating the importance of farm and countryside safety to primary level students. This interactive educational resource, entitled 'Once Upon a Farm', will assist teachers in educating their students about the potential dangers associated with farming and agriculture, and is part of a national strategy, aimed at reducing the number of accidents on farms and in the countryside.

Engaging students from a young age on the importance of farm and countryside safety is crucial given that four out of eighteen farm fatalities in in 2015 involved children. In addition, some 90% of farm accidents involve an unsafe act, with machinery being the most common cause of farm-related deaths, followed by livestock and drowning. Therefore, learning about farm and countryside safety at a young age will allow students to take these important messages and lessons with them for life, and to their homes and wider communities.

From May, schools will be able to give us feedback on the DVD.

Here, we invite students to share their stories, explain what they learned by watching the DVD and tell us what they plan to do in terms of promoting farm and countryside safety in their schools, at home and in their communities.

Curriculum-linked activity sheets aim to compliment teachers' lesson plans. Updated activity sheets will be FREE to download here during the school year.

For more information on farm and countryside safety, click HERE!

2016: Agri Aware's Farm Safety Trail

The aim of Agri Aware’s Safety Trail is to help you realise the dangers that exist on the farm, helping to keep you safe every time you play on the farm!

Complete Agri Aware’s Safety Trail using our 6 posters, which you can download here

Use these posters to help you solve the following slogan:

To ______away from ______ , ______ look ______ on ____ ______!

2014: A-maze-ing educational initiative at the National Ploughing Championships

Sean O’Brien, International Rugby Player and FBD Brand Ambassador, launched the Farm Safety Maze at the National Ploughing Championships 2014 .

The maze, was aimed at educating visitors about the importance of farm safety and the initiative is a collaboration between Agri Aware, FBD, the IFA and ESB Networks.

Educating people of all ages about farm safety is vitally important, considering that the volume of fatal farm accidents in Ireland each year.

The Farm Safety Maze will tested Ploughing visitors’ knowledge of farm safety. The visitors were invited to answer key farm safety questions to reach the end point. The maze was visited by 26,000 visitors during the three days of the event.

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