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Transition Year Modules

Agri Aware’s equine modules are the first in a series of agri-food educational modules to be delivered for Transition Year students across Ireland. For example, other modules to follow will include Dairy, Beef, Pigs, Poultry, Health and safety etc. This is a novel initiative and is the first time that Transition Year students have access to relevant educational material to develop their interest in the equine and agri-food world, whether they come from urban or rural areas.

The initiative is a collaboration between Agri Aware and the Irish Agricultural Science Teachers' Association

List of Equine Modules:

Module 1: Evolution of the horse

Module 2: Evolution and horses (extended study)

Module 3: General horse care

Module 4: Equine grooming

Module 5: Horse senses and implications for riders

Module 6: Horse breeds

Module 7: Hunting

Module 8: Eventing