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Caption: (R-L) Chairman of Agri Aware, Richard Moeran; CEO of Agri Aware, Dr. Vanessa Woods and Assistant General Secretary of the IFA, Bryan Barry welcome Barclay Bell, President of the Ulster Farmers Union as a new patron of Agri Aware.

Agri Aware welcomes the Ulster Farmers Union as a new patron

Agri Aware, the independent agri-food educational body, is delighted to welcome the Ulster Farmers Union as new patron.

The voluntary organisation, which represents farmers and growers in Northern Ireland, was founded in 1918. The Ulster Farmers Union works with other organisations on a local, national and international level, to advance rural interests, working with its members to promote and support a vibrant and sustainable rural economy, where agriculture is secure and pivotal to its future.

Commenting on the expansion of Agri Aware’s patron base, Chairman, Richard Moeran, said, “I am delighted to welcome the Ulster Farmers Union as a new patron to Agri Aware, this partnership has more significance today than ever before as the island of Ireland faces many challenges on the back of BREXIT. Agri Aware’s presence in Northern Ireland signals an expanded audience to communicate our mission statement to 'improve the image and understanding of agriculture, farming and the food industry among the general public’.”

Agri Aware’s Chief Executive, Dr. Vanessa Woods, added: “I am most pleased to welcome the UFU as a new patron of Agri Aware. This collaboration is particularly pertinent now, in view of the outcome of the BREXIT referendum. It is imperative that we bridge the urban-rural divide right across Europe, so that the consumer of all ages understands the value and importance of farming and the agri-food industry, because we all eat food and we all need farmers and the industry. Had the UK population been exposed to agri-food education via a body like Agri Aware, the result of the referendum could have been different. Agri Aware is almost twenty years old and the youngest students that we educated in 1996 are now making purchasing decisions today, so the true impact of our work starts now. I congratulate Barclay and his colleagues in the UFU for taking this significant step in working with Agri Aware to inform and educate the consumer of all ages about the importance of farming and our agri-food industry and we look forward to working together.”

Ulster Farmers Union President, Barclay Bell, added: "The Ulster Farmers Union is delighted to link up with Agri Aware as their newest patron and we look forward to working with them on a range of initiatives to highlight the importance of the farming industry to the wider public.”