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Dr. Vanessa Woods, CEO, Agri Aware welcomes Gary Ryan, CEO of FTMTA as a new patron.

FTMTA becomes an Agri Aware patron

The Farm Tractor and Machinery Trade Association has recently become a patron of Agri Aware, the Irish agri-food educational body.

Founded in 1996 as an independent body to provide the general public with information and education on the importance of agriculture and food to the Irish economy, Agri Aware is a charitable trust funded by the Irish farming and agri-business industry, with a mission to improve the image and understanding of agriculture, farming and the food industry among the general public.

The objectives of Agri Aware are to:

Agri Aware delivers high-impact educational and public awareness initiatives and projects for students and the general public. Agri Aware has recently launched a CAP communication campaign at Dublin Airport. Over six weeks from mid-July, more than 4m passengers travelling through Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Dublin Airport will learn about the Common Agricultural Policy and its benefits. Given the independent nature of the Irish farm machinery industry and Irish farming, the FTMTA executive council felt that is important for the Association to lend its support to the commendable efforts of Agri Aware.

The key role of agriculture in the Irish economy was brought strongly home to the wider public in the aftermath of the economic downturn in 2008 when it was one of the few sectors with a positive story to tell. The importance of this sector must not be forgotten when the wider economy may be seen to be recovering. Agriculture provides vital employment in rural Ireland both directly and indirectly and provides the raw material for a strong export-orientated sector.

In supporting the Irish agricultural sector, the Irish farm machinery industry has developed a strong, indigenously owned presence on global export markets. The industry, both at retail and manufacturing level, provides a relatively substantial level of high-quality employment in rural areas where such employment may otherwise be in scare supply.