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A day of dairy-filled fun at Agri Aware’s Family Farm

Managing Director of ProU yogurts, Micheal Murphy; Agri Aware’s Executive Director, Deirdre O’Shea and her niece Caoimhe O’Shea at Family Farm developed by Agri Aware and Dublin Zoo for Dairy Fest

Agri Aware teamed up with ProU yogurts and dietician with INDI, Louise Reynolds to end Agri Aware’s Dairy Week on a high with a fun dairy-filled day in Family Farm developed by Agri Aware and Dublin Zoo. This event ran from 11.30am until 3pm on Sunday, May 14 and offered a wide range of dairy-themed activities to be enjoyed by all members of the family.

Server Guio distributing ProU yogurt at Family Farm for Dairy Fest

The event began with a live milking demonstration from zookeeper Louise and dairy cow Áine at Family Farm’s Dairymaster milking parlour. Shortly after the demonstration, the Farmhouse was opened and the public were invited to come inside and explore. Inside, there were various tables set up which had something for all ages including: a colouring station catered towards young children, a table with displays and info graphs based on the change in and the perception of portion sizes and much more. There was also a yogurt trail which older children were free to do outside in the farmyard. The trail contained riddles which helped kids to crack a code and find a mystery word! Participants who cracked the code and found the secret word were entered in a competition to win a bag filled with Agri Aware goodies. Yogurt samples from ProU were distributed by server Guio throughout the day.

Agri Aware intern Gillian Richardson and Agri Aware’s Education and Development Officer, Dr Elizabeth Finnegan teaching the general public about the food pyramid and portion sizes at Family Farm for Dairy Fest

Tours of Family Farm ran hourly and were co-ordinated by Agri Aware’s Education and Development Officer, Dr Elizabeth Finnegan. Dr Finnegan showed visitors the farm animals in the farmyard such as the chickens, the lionhead rabbits, beef cow Gertrude and her new calf Nóinín.

Later in the day, dietician Louise Reynolds from the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI) had a talk based on dairy nutrition. Some of the topics brought up in her discussion included the launch of the new food pyramid from the Department of Health, the importance of calcium and vitamin D for bone health as well as the difference between portion sizes and serving sizes. Managing Director of ProU yogurts Micheal Murphy spoke about the importance of eating foods high in protein and calcium like yogurts to maintain strong bones and muscles.

Visitors who participated in Dairy Fest had a lot of fun. Whether they tasted some delicious creamy yogurts, participated in the yogurt trail, coloured a picture or left learning something new, everyone agreed that it was an educational and enjoyable day.

Agri Aware would like to thank ProU yogurts and INDI and all those who attended on the day.