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Agri Aware's 'Patrons' Pantry' is brimming with the best agri-food produce at Tullamore Show

Pictured at Agri Aware's 'Patron's Pantry' at Tullamore Show is Minister Minister of State for Food, Forestry and Horticulture, Andrew Doyle, TD and sisters Chloe and Dawn Maher

Agri Aware, the independent agri-food educational body, treated visitors to Tullamore Show with a pantry filled with the best of Irish produce today, Sunday, 14 August – in order to communicate the benefits of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to consumers.

Agri Aware's Patrons' Pantry exhibit was filled with an array of grass-fed dairy and beef produce, along with fresh fruit and vegetables, highlighting importance of farming, the agri-food industry and CAP in delivering quality food for the consumer. Visitors to Tullamore Show also had a chance to visit Agri Aware's Mobile Farm to learn about farm animals.

Agri Aware's exhibit and Mobile Farm at Tullamore Show are part of an overall year-long strategy to communicate the Common Agricultural Policy to the general public and farmers. Agri Aware's campaign entitled ‘Farm to Fork-CAPtured, for over 50 years’ focuses on food security, food safety, food affordability, the sustainable management of our natural resources and development of our rural areas.

The farming and agri-food sector is Ireland’s largest indigenous sector, providing employment to over 300,000 people directly and indirectly. Exports from the agri-food sector have grown by more than 50% since 2009, reaching almost €11bn in 2015.

Speaking at the opening of Agri Aware's exhibit at Tullamore Show, Agri Aware's Chairman, Mr. Richard Moeran said: “Agri Aware's exhibit and Mobile Farm encompass everything great about the agri-food sector. We have some fantastic produce on display, including some of the best grass-fed dairy and beef in the world. Thanks to the Common Agricultural Policy, farmers and the agri-food industry can deliver quality, safe, traceable and affordable food for consumers. In addition, it helps us to create awareness with the general public with the role of CAP in delivering sustainability, biodiversity and development of rural areas, and it allows us to effectively engage with a sizeable audience from all walks of life.”

Agri Aware's CEO, Dr. Vanessa Woods, added: “We had a super opportunity here at Tullamore Show to bring our farming and agri-food patrons together with the consumer, in communicating the benefits of CAP. Our 'Patrons' Pantry' showcased some of the best food in the world, produced under the highest standards and we were delighted to have the support of our patrons and the EU Commission in delivering this important initiative”.

Agri Aware's campaign entitled ‘Farm to Fork-CAPtured, for over 50 years’ is co-financed by the EU Commission Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development and was awarded to Agri Aware following a competitive bidding process. The campaign is also supported by the IFA and Devenish-Beyond Nutrition, in addition to Agri Aware's other seventy patrons.

Agri Aware's 'Patron Pantry' at Tullamore Show 2016

Pictured at Agri Aware's 'Patron Pantry' at Tullamore Show are: Joe Healy, President, IFA; Dr. Vanessa Woods, Agri Aware; James Farrell, Lakeland Dairies; Minister of State, Andrew Doyle; Richard Moeran, Agri Aware and sisters Chloe and Dawn Maher.

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